About Me

Boston Dell-Vandenberg

Hello! I’m Boston, a veteran software engineer and web developer from Toronto.

From a young age I developed a hacker mentality and love for building things. At 13, I put together my first computer and shortly after, my first website (on GeoCities). Also being a gaming enthusiast, I studied animation arts at Seneca College and began my professional career building games with companies including Koei and XMG Games.

A few years in I realized my true passion was the web. I made a change and decided to convert my website building hobby into a business. Over the following eight years I grew a boutique web development agency (Pomelo Design) and created websites and mobile apps for countless startups and small businesses. Later, I transitioned to working full-time with startups including Instacart, Iotum, and Mix Space to be more closely involved with a team and the opportunity to work on complex projects at scale.

Currently, I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Instacart where we’re building the future of grocery delivery.

Food, travel, gaming, and investing are a few of my favourite things outside of software engineering. In the short Toronto summers I spend as much time as possible outdoors; in the backyard slow cooking southern BBQ with friends, cycling, and taking day hiking trips. In the colder months I’m honing my cooking and baking skills, dabbling in cryptocurrency, and restoring my Victorian-era Parkdale home.